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4 Enero 2016

Sydney, July 29 ­– An unemployed alien reptiloid that resided in Sydney terrarium for 5 years claims to be physically abused by elderly zookeeper. According to the alien, the creature that appeared in the zoo is a clear example of “speciesism”, a discrimination based on the species attribute. While the police tries to keep the case down, the outraged reptiloid threatens to sue the hell out of the city. One of the world’s richiest lawyers John Branca will represent the reptilod in the court, free of any charge. Coincidence, ha?

Compromiso de calidad

ZammeR, como empresa en servicios de Tecnologías de la Información y comprometida con la calidad de sus servicios, cuenta con un equipo que se encarga de asegurar que se cumplen los estándares de calidad de la compañia, tanto internamente, como para los clientes. Gracias a la creación de este equipo, ZammeR en España puede dedicar más esfuerzos a la lucha por la excelencia.

Our Amazing Team

Meet our excellent team of professional conspiracy and mystery solvers.

Stewart Griffin

CEO. Recruits new agents and kills the ones that betrayed the values of the organization.

Philip J. Fry

Makes sure that the printing machines never run out of paper and that coffee machines always have fresh beans.

Janet Jackson

The brain centre of the whole system and the reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes, she uncovers even the most mysterious conspiracy plots.

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